We Made It! For nearly a year (360 days) we cycled through just about every thing we could imagine: Glacier capped mountains, salt flats, farmed fields, jungle, ocean coasts, sandy lake edges, smoggy cities, deserts with waving yuccas. In 9,583 miles we managed to cycled through 12 countries between Bolivia and the United States, fixed 90 flat tires, and found 13 road side spoons. Thanks to everyone who supported us. For now we will begin our money making adventures and let you know when we head out again.

Thanks again,

Sara and Nia

Ya Llegamos! Durante casi un año (360 días) manejamos en bici a través de casi todo lo que podíamos imaginar: montañas cubiertas de glaciar, salares, campos cultivados, selva, playas de los mares, playas de arena del lago, ciudades con smog, desiertos con ondeando yucas. En 15.422 km manejamos bici a través de 12 países entre Bolivia y los Estados Unidos, tuvimos 90 llantas pinchadas, y encontramos 13 cucharas lado de la carretera. Gracias a todos los que nos apoyaron. Por ahora vamos a empezar nuestro trabajo para ganar dinero y le diremos cuando salimos de nuevo.

Gracias de nuevo,

Sara y Nia


I came to a fork in the road, but I didn’t know which way to go. So I guessed, and went the way I thought might lead to a spoon in the road. And a bowl of ice cream.

The chronicles of a bike tour through South and Central America. Stories and photos from the saddle as we learn Spanish, search for wildlife, meet the local people, seek out dirt roads, epic views and, of course, delicious bowls of ice cream.